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ACF-50 Anti-Corrosion Formula

Ignition Coil
Jianshe Mountain Lion 400 - JS400ATV-2
Code: 31011*1262*JS400ATV-2
Also available for: 152QMI10    A31B    AGILITY50    AJS CR3-125    APACHE 125    APOLLO125    APOLLO125(JACK FOX)    ARAGON 125    ARAGON 50    ARAGON 50 GP    BQ50QT-21    BQ50QT-21B    BQ50QT-40    BT125-20    BT125T-12    BT125T-12E1    BT125T-12F    BT125T-2    BT125T-21A3    BT125T-7    BT125T-9    BT49QT-11    BT49QT-11(FLEX TECH)    BT49QT-11A3(BTM)    BT49QT-12    BT49QT-12C1    BT49QT-12E1    BT49QT-12F1(Zipp)    BT49QT-20B2    BT49QT-20BB    BT49QT-20CA    BT49QT-21A3    BT49QT-28A    BT49QT-28B    BT49QT-28C    BT49QT-7    BT49QT-9    BT49QT-9(A10)    BT49QT-9(A12)    BT49QT-9(FLEX TECH)    BT49QT-9D1    BT49QT-9F3    BT49QT-9F3(GT)    BT49QT-9LEX    BT50QT-9(Baotian50)    BT50QT-9(FLEX TECH)    BT50QT-9(MKS)    CRACKER    CTM50QT-7    DB125-9    DB125GY-2B    DB125L-4B    DB125R    DB125T-10    DB125T-12A    DB125T-13    DB125T-15D    DB125T-22    DB125T-25    DB125T-26    DB125T-30A    DB125T-32    DB125T-32A    DB125T-6    DB125T-7    DB125T-7H    DB125T-9    DB125T-E    DB125T-F    DB50QT-11    DB50QT-15B    DB50QT-16    DB50QT-25    DB50QT-30A    DB50QT-32    DB50QT-32A    DB50QT-5    DB50QT-6    DB50QT-7    DB50QT-A    DB50QT-E    DD125E    DFE125-8A    DFE125L    DFE50QT-3    DFE50QT-F    DFE50QT-F(CRAZY)    DION125    DY200    DZ125    EN125-2    EN125-2A    F-ACT 50    FORMULA 50    FT125-17C    FT125T-27    FT50QT-27    GSX125    HD1    HD2    HJ125-J    HJ125-K    HL50QT-16    HN125-4F    HN125-8    HT100-8    HT125-4F    HT125-8    HT125T-12    HT125T-12(WK)    HT125T-21    HT125T-25    HT125T-4    HT125T-9    HT50QT-10    HT50QT-12    HT50QT-12(LINTEX)    HT50QT-16    HT50QT-25    HT50QT-25A@    HT50QT-28    HT50QT-33    HT50QT-33(WK)    HT50QT-36    HT50QT-6    HT50QT-6(FLEX TECH)    HT50QT-7    HT50QT-9    HURRICANE    HURRICANE (4T)    HZM50QT-16    HZM50QT-16 4T    IMOLA125    JET50    JJ125T-13    JJ125T-13(EUROCKA)    JJ125T-3    JJ125T-3(FLEX TECH)    JJ50QT-17(EUROCKA)    JJ50QT-17A    JJ50QT-3    JJ50QT-3(A)    JJ50QT-3(WK)    JL125-11    JL125-13    JL125T-10    JL125T-12A    JL125T-13    JL125T-13(FLEX TECH)    JL125T-6    JL125Y    JL250-5    JL250V    JL50QT-4(FLEX TECH)    JL50QT-4(FT)    JL50QT-5    JL50QT-5(STAR QUAD)    JL50QT-6    JL50QT-7    JS125-6C    JS250ATV-3A    JS250ATV-5    JSD50QT-13    JSD50QT-13(AXORY)    JSM125    JSM125(OFFROAD)    JSM50    KS125-23    KS125-24    KS125-3    KS125GY-3A    KS125GY-6    LB50QT-16    LB50QT-21    LF100-A    LF110GY-E    LF125-14F    LF125-30    LF125-J    LF125GY-3    LF125GY-6    LF125T-26    LF125T-6    LF125T-9A    LF250    LF250-B    LF400    LF50Q-2    LF50QT-26    LF50QT-26A    LF50QT-2A    LF50QT-8D    LH50QT-9    LJ125T-8M    LJ125T-A    LJ125T-B    LJ125T-B(AJS)    LJ50QT-3L    LJ50QT-3L(LJ)    LJ50QT-3M    LJ50QT-K    LK125GY-2    LK50GY-2    LLX125T-11    LLX50QT    MILANO125    MIRO125    MONACO125    MPED50    NEWPACH51    OLIVER 125    OLIVER 50    PACH51    QM125-2C    QM125-2D    QM125-2V    QM125GY    QM125GY(OFF ROAD)    QM125GY-2D    QM125T-10H    QM125T-8G    QM50QT-2    QM50QT-6A    QM50T-10R    RALLYSC    RBP125    RCC125    ZN50QT-E(RETRO50)    RETRO7    RMR125    RMR200    RS125    RS450    RSP125    RSR125    RTAKIK    Renegade 125    ZN125T-E(Tamoretti)    SB125-B08    SB125-B09    SB125T-21(B08)    SB125T-21(B10)    SB125T-23    SB125T-23A    SB125T-23B    SB50QT-16    SB50QT-16(B08)    Powerband50    SB50QT-16(B10)@    SEVENTY FIVE 125    SFM125-8A    SG125-14F    SG125-30    SG125-J    SG125GY-6    SG125T-6    SG125T-9A    SG400    SG50QT-2A(Urban)    SJ125-23    SJ125-24    SJ125-26    SJ125-27    SK125-2    SK125-22    SK125-22S    SK125-4    SK125-5    SK125-8    SK125GY-A    SK125T-14    SK125T-18    SK125T-21    SK125T-21-SM    SK50QT    SK50QT-19    SK50QT-21    SK50QT-21-SM    SK50QT-21@SM    SK50QT-9    SM50    SMAX125    ST125-8A    ST50-3SM    ST50-3TR    ST50SM    ST50TR    STEALTH125    STR125YB    STR50    TD125-10C    TD125-43    TRIGGERSM50    TWIST125    TWO4    V-CLIC    VELOCEGT    WY125-16C    WY125-24B    WY125-B08    WY125-B09    WY125T-100    WY125T-108    WY125T-121    WY125T-21(B08)    WY125T-21(B10)    WY125T-23A    WY125T-23B    WY125T-41    WY125T-74    WY125T-74R    WY50QT-110    WY50QT-111    WY50QT-16(Zennco)    WY50QT-16(B08)    WY50QT-58    WY50QT-58R    XF125GY-2B    XF125L-4B    XF125R    XF250GY    XFLM125GY-2B    XGJ125-23(XGJAO)    XGJ125-26    XGJ125-27    XT125-16    XT125-18    XT125GY    XT50Q    XY125GY-5E    YAMAHA(YBR125)    YB125T-15    YB125T-15(B)    YB125T-22    YB125T-22C    YB125T-22D    YB50QT-21    YB50QT-21(SD)    YB50QT-3    YB50QT-6    YB50QT-9    YY125T-10C    YY125T-11    YY125T-11(BENZHOU)    YY125T-11A    YY125T-12    YY125T-19    YY125T-19(BENZHOU)    YY125T-19(FLEX TECH)    YY125T-19(JACK FOX)    YY125T-19(NOVA MOTORS)    YY125T-31    YY125T-31(FLEX TECH)    YY125T-31(MADNESS)    YY125T-6    YY125T-6(FLEX TECH)    YY125T-6(JACK FOX)    YY50QT    YY50QT(JF)    YY50QT(NM)    YY50QT(SD)    YY50QT-10    YY50QT-10C    YY50QT-14    YY50QT-14(FT)    YY50QT-15    YY50QT-15(ALISZE)    YY50QT-15(JF)    YY50QT-15(NM)    YY50QT-21    YY50QT-21(ALISZE)    YY50QT-21(FT)    YY50QT-21(JF)    YY50QT-21(NM)    YY50QT-27    YY50QT-27(NM)    YY50QT-31    YY50QT-6    ZN125T-22    ZN125T-22(SINNIS)    ZN125T-27    ZN125T-32A    ZN125T-7H    ZN125T-7H(SINNIS)    ZN125T-E    ZN125T-F    ZN125T-K    ZN50QT-11    ZN50QT-15A    ZN50QT-27    ZN50QT-32A    ZN50QT-A    ZN50QT-E    ZN50QT-K    ZS125-30    ZS125-48A    ZS125-48E    ZS125-48F    ZS125-50    ZS125-79    ZS125GY-10    ZS125GY-10C    ZS125T-40    ZS250GS    ZY125-2    ZY50QT-7   

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Parts Disclaimer


1. Due to our continued efforts to update and streamline our parts ordering systems, you may find that some parts on some bikes appear available to order, even though they should not be. If this is the case, we will contact you to amend your order accordingly;

2. If you do not select or state a colour choice when required, a default colour will be chosen. This may also delay your order;

3. If the description of the part does not specify exactly what you require then you should provide additional information (e.g. if an item shows as pannier box, you should state the colour and whether it is left or right) at the same time you place your order. Inaccurate or incomplete parts descriptions may lead to delays or erroneous parts being despatched;

4. If the bike the parts were purchased for was not originally acquired from Llexeter Ltd, we cannot guarantee that our parts will fit your bike even if they look identical and in the event that they don't, we would be unable to offer a refund;

5. If you do not provide all the information that may be needed for us to determine the part you exactly require at the same time you place your order, you may receive a part that matches all the information we are given but is still a wrong part for you. If this were to occur we will not accept responsibility, nor shall we accept a return for credit.

Sample images are to show a representation of the part only, actual items may differ between models.

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