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XCP Motorcycle Protection Kit

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BCC081 Description XCP Rust Blocker Aerosol 400ml


XCP Rust Blocker is high-performance rust protection. Thanks to its fine spray, it can get into even the tightest seams. Covering metal work with a soft film that protects your motorcycle or scooter from that dreaded rust. Plus, with its soft film, it is resistant to cracking. Great for peace of mind knowing your pride and joy will look good as new for longer.

Beating other well-known products when it comes to rust protection, it is really easy to apply you can dip, brush, wipe or spray XCP onto your metalwork.

Use it on exposed metal surfaces, including engine components, suspension, chains and even tools.

DO NOT apply to brakes!

BCC082 Description XCP Chain Lubricant Aerosol 400ml


Get long-lasting protection for your chain against all wear and corrosion with XCP Chain Lubricant.

This lubricant can be used on all chains and its powerful formula is made to withstand pressure, reduce friction, and minimise the long term effects of wear. This will lengthen the lifespan of your motorcycle chain.

Because of its ultra-thin and nonsticky film, this allows for dirt to be rinsed off easily with minimal "pooling" of the liquid. Plus, it can also resist high-speed sling off, meaning the product will stay with your chain as you ride.

For long-lasting protection and to keep your chain looking and performing at its best, use XCP Chain Lubricant.


Size: 400ml

BCC003 Description XCP Rust Blocker Clear Coat 400ml

This item has no description.

XCP Rust Blocker Aerosol 400ml - BCC081
XCP Chain Lubricant Aerosol 400ml - BCC082
XCP Rust Blocker Clear Coat 400ml - BCC003
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