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Brake Disc 189mm

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Code: BRDF095
Brand: CMPO
EAN: 5057645121534
Outside Diameter: 189mm
Inner Diameter: 58mm
Height: 4mm
Minimum Thickness: 3mm
Qty of fixing holes: 3
Distance between fixing holes (centre to centre): 68mm
Is the fixing hole countersunk: Yes
Standard or Wavy Disc: Std
Dished or Flat: Flat

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Suitable For
Manufacturer Model Year Fitment
AJS Modena 50 [ZN50QT-27]
Modena 125 [ZN125T-27]
Baotian BT49QT-12
Chase 49 [BT49QT-7]
Evolution 125
Glow 125 [BT125T-2]
Rebel 49 [BT49QT-12C1]
Rebel 125 [BT125T-12]
Rocky [BT49QT-12E1]
Tanco 50 2
Tanco 125 [BT125T-12F]
Direct Bikes 50cc Ninja E3 [DB50QT-15B]
50cc Tommy E3 [DB50QT-E]
125cc Classic Front/Rear
125cc Cobra
125cc Tommy E3
Huatian HT50QT-10
Sport 50cc
Sport 125cc
Jinlun 125cc Cobra Scooter [JL125T-6]
125cc Tommy Scooter E3
Jonway Adventure 125 [YY125T-12] Rear
Lexmoto Firenze 125 Front/Rear
Flash 50
Milano 50 [FT50QT-27] View parts diagram
Milano 125 EFI [FT125T-27-E4] View parts diagram
Milano 125 [FT125T-27] View parts diagram
Titan 125 Euro 5 [ZN125T-8F-E5] Rear View parts diagram
Tommy 50 [ZN50QT-E]
Tommy 125 E3
Valencia 50 [ZN50QT-K] View parts diagram
Valencia 125 [ZN125T-K] View parts diagram
Moto Zeta Rally 50 SC [RALLYSC]
Pulse Tanco 49
Tanco 50
Zoom 50 [HT50QT-7]
Zoom 125 [HT125T-21]
Razzo Tanco 50
Tanco 125
Rhon Phantom [LH50QT-9]
Sinnis Spirit 125 [ZN125T-E-S]
Sukida Lutetia [SK50QT-19]
Sportman 2 (2T) [SK50QT-21@SM]
Sportman 2 (4T) [SK50QT-21-SM]
Sportman 2 [SK125T-21-SM]
Viper 50 [SK50QT-21]
Viper 125 [SK125T-21]
Tamoretti Retro 50
Retro 125 E3
Stealth 125
Viarelli Sprint
Yiben Hurricane 50 [YB50QT-9]
Hurricane 125 [YB125T-22]
Storm 50 [YB50QT-6]
Striker 125 [YB125T-22D]
Zoom 125 [YB125T-22C]
Zipp Triad
Znen Firenze 125 [ZN125T-F] Front/Rear
Flash 50 [ZN50QT-15A]
Tommy 125 E3 [ZN125T-E]
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