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Brake/Clutch Switch Push Fit

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Code: BRSWR002
Brand: CMPO
EAN: 5057645115182

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Suitable For
Manufacturer Model Year Fitment
BTM BT49QT-12 Rear
Sprint Rear
Baotian BT49QT-12 Rear
Chase 49 [BT49QT-7] Rear
Evolution 125 Rear
Hawk 125 [BT125T-7] Rear
Monza 50 [BT49QT-21A3]
Rebel 49 [BT49QT-12C1] Rear
Rebel 125 [BT125T-12] Rear
Rocky [BT49QT-12E1] Rear
Tanco 50 2 Rear
Tanco 125 [BT125T-12F]
Tommy 50 [BT49QT-11] Rear
Beeline Veloce GT Race
CPI ARAGON 50 (2T) Rear
ARAGON 50 GP (2T) Rear
ARAGON 125 Rear
OLIVER 50 (2T) Rear
OLIVER 125 Rear
CTM CTM50QT-7 Rear
Chituma CTM50QT-7 Rear
Direct Bikes 50cc Milan E3 [DB50QT-30A]
50cc Ninja Rear
50cc Ninja E3 [DB50QT-15B]
50cc Retro Rear
50cc Scorpion E3 [DB50QT-32A] Rear
50cc Sports
50cc Viper E3 [DB50QT-32] Rear
125cc Cobra Rear
125cc Cobra E3 [DB125T-15D]
125cc Cruiser Rear
125cc Lynx E3 [DB125T-10]
125cc Milan E3 [DB125T-30A]
125cc Scorpion E3 [DB125T-32A] Rear
125cc Sports E3 [DB125T-26]
125cc Spyder E3 [DB125T-22]
125cc Viper Rear
125cc Viper E3 [DB125T-32] Rear
GRIP Freestyle 125cc Rear
Guoben Madness 50 [LB50QT-21] Rear
Haizhimeng GP1 (2 Stroke) Rear
GP1 (4 Stroke) Rear
LB50QT-21 Rear
Hanglong LB50QT-21 Rear
Haotian Bubble 50 [HT50QT-9] Rear
Huatian City 125cc Rear
Sport 50cc Rear
Sport 125cc Rear
Jinlun 125cc Cobra Scooter [JL125T-6] Rear
125cc Cruiser Scooter [JL125T-12A] Rear
JL50QT-6 Rear
JL50QT-7 Rear
Kaisar Destiny 125 [KS125-3]
Lexmoto Dart 125 [WY125T-100]
FM 50 [WY50QT-111] View parts diagram
FMR 50 [WY50QT-58R]
Flash 50 Rear
Gladiator 125 Rear View parts diagram
Tommy 50 Rear
Tornado 50 Rear
Tornado 125 Rear
Vienna 50 [WY50QT-110] View parts diagram
Vienna 125 [WY125T-121] View parts diagram
Lifan Jet 50 [LF50QT-2A] Rear
LF125T-6 Rear
Pannier 50 [LF50Q-2]
Lingben LB50QT-21 Rear
Longjia Alien 125 [LJ125T-A] Rear
LJ50QT-K (2T)
Raptor 125 Rear
Moto Zeta Rally 50 SC [RALLYSC]
Peugeot V-Clic [V-CLIC] Rear
Pulse Lightspeed 2 50 [WY50QT-58]
Lightspeed 50 2T [HT50QT-28] Rear
Lightspeed 125 [HT125T-25] Rear
Phantom 50 [ZN50QT-32A] Rear
Phantom 125 [ZN125T-32A] Rear
Storm 50 [HT50QT-6] Rear
Strider 125 [SB125T-23A] Rear
Tanco 49 Rear
Tanco 50 Rear
Zoom 50 [HT50QT-7] Rear
Zoom 125 [HT125T-21] Rear
Razzo Tanco 50 Rear
Tanco 125
Recto Retro Rear
Rhon Phantom [LH50QT-9]
Sanben Gladiator 125 (06/07) [SB125T-23] Rear
SB125T-23B Rear
Tornado 50 [SB50QT-16(B08)] Rear
Tornado 125 (06/07) [SB125-B08] Rear
Tornado 125 [SB125T-21(B08)] Rear
Zoom 125 (06/07) [SB125-B09] Rear
Zoom II 50 (2T) [SB50QT-16(B10)@] Rear
Sinnis Falcon 50 [QM50QT-2]
Harrier 125 [ZN125T-22(SINNIS)]
Skygo Commander Rear
Top 1 Rear
Urban Rear
Sukida Commander [SK125T-18] Rear
Lutetia [SK50QT-19] Rear
Roma [SK50QT-9] Rear
Sportman 2 (2T) [SK50QT-21@SM] Rear
Sportman 2 (4T) [SK50QT-21-SM] Rear
Sportman 2 [SK125T-21-SM]
Top 1 [SK50QT] Rear
Viper 50 [SK50QT-21] Rear
Viper 125 [SK125T-21]
Superbyke Powerband 50 Rear
Tamoretti Stealth 125 Rear
Viarelli Sprint Rear
Wangye WY50QT-16(B08) Rear
WY125-B08 Rear
WY125-B09 Rear
WY125T-21(B08) Rear
WY125T-23A Rear
WY125T-23B Rear
Wuyang WY125-24B
Xingyue Cobra 125 [LLX125T-11] Rear
Yamati GP1 (2T) [HZM50QT-16] Rear
GP1 (4T) [HZM50QT-16 4T] Rear
Yiben Gladiator 125 [YB125T-15(B)] Rear
Hurricane 50 [YB50QT-9] Rear
Hurricane 125 [YB125T-22] Rear
Scout 50 [YB50QT-3] Rear
Storm 50 [YB50QT-6] Rear
Strider 125 [YB125T-15] Rear
Striker 125 [YB125T-22D] Rear
Zoom 125 [YB125T-22C] Rear
Yiying Tommy 125 [YY125T-19] Rear
Zipp Triad Rear
Znen Flash 50 [ZN50QT-15A] Rear
Tommy 50 [ZN50QT-A] Rear
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