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50cc Scooter Jieli Carburettor

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Compatible with many 50cc scooter models, this carburettor just requires an initial set-up and fine tuning.

Availability: 100
Code: CRB060
Brand: CMPO
EAN: 5057645025672
Brand: Jieli
Type: PD18J
Main Jet Size: 85

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Suitable For
Manufacturer Model Year Fitment
AJS Modena 50 [ZN50QT-27]
Alisze FX50 50 CDI [YY50QT-15(ALISZE)]
Jazy 50 CDI [YY50QT-21(ALISZE)]
Axory Rallox [JSD50QT-13(AXORY)]
Baotian Apollo 10 [BT49QT-9(A10)]
Apollo 12 [BT49QT-9(A12)]
Chase 49 [BT49QT-7]
Eagle 50 [BT49QT-9F3]
Eagle 50 GT [BT49QT-9F3(GT)]
Monza 50 [BT49QT-21A3]
Rebel 49 [BT49QT-12C1]
Rocky [BT49QT-12E1]
Scout 50
Tanco 50 2
Tommy 50 [BT49QT-11]
Beeline Veloce GT Race
Benero BT49QT-9
Benzhou YY50QT
Chituma CTM50QT-7
Direct Bikes 50cc Milan E3 [DB50QT-30A]
50cc Ninja
50cc Ninja E3 [DB50QT-15B]
50cc Retro
50cc Scorpion E3 [DB50QT-32A]
50cc Sports
50cc Tommy E3 [DB50QT-E]
50cc Viper
50cc Viper E3 [DB50QT-32]
Flex Tech Cityliner 50 [BT50QT-9(FLEX TECH)]
Firenze 25/50 [YY50QT-21(FT)]
Hurrican X2 [JL50QT-4(FLEX TECH)]
Jive [BT49QT-11(FLEX TECH)]
Panter I [JL50QT-4(FT)]
Sprint 50 [BT49QT-9(FLEX TECH)]
Topdrive 50 [YY50QT-14(FT)]
VRR-50 [YY50QT-10C]
Venus II [HT50QT-6(FLEX TECH)]
Guoben Madness 50 [LB50QT-21]
Haizhimeng GP1 (4 Stroke)
Hanglong HL50QT-16
Haotian Bubble 50 [HT50QT-9]
Huatian HT50QT-10
Sport 50cc
IMF Industrie New Pach 51 [NEWPACH51]
Pach 51 [PACH51]
Two 4 [TWO4]
Jack Fox City Star [YY50QT(JF)]
Retro Cruiser [YY50QT-21(JF)]
Retro Star [YY50QT-15(JF)]
Jiajue MATADOR 50 [JJ50QT-17A]
Revenge [JJ50QT-3]
Revenge [JJ50QT-3(A)]
Jinlun JL50QT-5
Jonway Agility 50 [YY50QT-6]
Madness 50 [YY50QT-31]
Leike 50GY-2
Lexmoto Echo 50 [LJ50QT-3L] View parts diagram
FM 50 [WY50QT-111] View parts diagram
FMR 50 [WY50QT-58R]
Flash 50
Milano 50 [FT50QT-27] View parts diagram
Molly 50 [DFE50QT-3]
Scout 49 [BT49QT-9LEX] View parts diagram
Tommy 50
Tommy 50 [ZN50QT-E]
Tornado 50
Valencia 50 [ZN50QT-K] View parts diagram
Lifan Aero 50 (4T) [LF50QT-26]
Jet 50 [LF50QT-2A]
Lingben LB50QT-21
Lintex HT50QT-12
Longjia LJ50QT-3L
MKS Ecobike Panter I [BT50QT-9(MKS)]
Moto Zeta Rally 50 SC [RALLYSC]
Nova Motors City Star [YY50QT(NM)]
Retro Cruiser [YY50QT-21(NM)]
Retro Star [YY50QT-15(NM)]
Peugeot V-Clic [V-CLIC]
Pulse Force 50 [HT50QT-36]
Lightspeed 2 50 [WY50QT-58]
Lightspeed 50 [HT50QT-25]
Phantom 50 [ZN50QT-32A]
Rage 50 [LK50GY-2]
Rhythm 50 [SB50QT-16]
Scout 49 View parts diagram
Storm 50 [HT50QT-6]
Tanco 49
Tanco 50
Zoom 50 [HT50QT-7]
Qingqi QM50QT-6A
Razzo Tanco 50
Recto Retro
Rex RS450
Rhon Phantom [LH50QT-9]
Sanben Tornado 50 [SB50QT-16(B08)]
Scooter Devil Blue Dragon 50-4T [YB50QT-21(SD)]
Cruiser 50-4T [BQ50QT-40]
Mosquito 50-4T [YY50QT(SD)]
Warrior 50 [BQ50QT-21]
Sinnis Falcon 50 [QM50QT-2]
Skygo Top 1
Star Quad JL50QT-5
Sukida Lutetia [SK50QT-19]
Roma [SK50QT-9]
Top 1 [SK50QT]
Viper 50 [SK50QT-21]
Superbyke MPED 50
Tamoretti Retro 50
Viarelli Sprint
WK Bikes Bellissima 50 [HT50QT-12]
GO50 [JJ50QT-3(WK)]
Mii 50 [HT50QT-33(WK)]
WASP 50 [JJ50QT-17(WK)]
Wangye WY50QT-16
Xingyue Phoenix 50 [LLX50QT]
Yamati GP1 (4T) [HZM50QT-16 4T]
Yiben Hurricane 50 [YB50QT-9]
Scout 50 [YB50QT-3]
Storm 50 [YB50QT-6]
Zennco Matrix
Zing Bikes Echo 50cc [LF50QT-8D]
Zipp Triad
Znen Flash 50 [ZN50QT-15A]
Speedy Streetfighter
Tommy 50 [ZN50QT-A]
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This product been given a rating of 9.4 out of 10 rating based on 44 reviews on

Absolutely excellent good q... 17:55pm 06 Nov 2021

Absolutely excellent good quality no problems well happy all round

Stephen Smith (5 / 5 Stars)
Amazing quality over all gr... 02:57am 19 Sep 2021

Amazing quality over all great service

Darran Yates (5 / 5 Stars)
Top quality part amazing pr... 19:28pm 06 Sep 2021

Top quality part amazing price

Jodi (5 / 5 Stars)
Runs super smooth and perfect 00:49am 18 Mar 2021

Runs super smooth and perfect

Clint Walker (5 / 5 Stars)
Purchased as cheaper than r... 16:49pm 13 Mar 2021

Purchased as cheaper than repairing my old unit. Fitted in on and adjusted to suit my bike. Seems to be perfect although only done 50 miles do far.

Martin Stinson (5 / 5 Stars)
A great little carburettor ... 16:15pm 24 Aug 2020

A great little carburettor at a fantastic price!!!!

Mr Doug Reid (5 / 5 Stars)
Very good 23:01pm 27 Jun 2020

Very good

Dawid Dudek (5 / 5 Stars)
Easy to change and ran perf... 16:56pm 20 Jun 2020

Easy to change and ran perfect

Mark Austin (5 / 5 Stars)
Good overall does what it s... 19:27pm 28 Apr 2020

Good overall does what it says but rough condition

Imran Quinn (4 / 5 Stars)
Works as needed, good quali... 17:16pm 31 Mar 2020

Works as needed, good quality replacement

Harry Williamson (5 / 5 Stars)
I have been using CMPO for ... 18:56pm 02 Mar 2020

I have been using CMPO for 10 years and have found their products to be at a superb price and quality. Their service is also excellent being able to ship most products I need same day.

Richard (5 / 5 Stars)
Great value, carburettor wo... 17:44pm 29 Jan 2020

Great value, carburettor works great

Nigel Ayre (5 / 5 Stars)
Great product for a great p... 18:58pm 27 Jan 2020

Great product for a great price. Quality item

Mr Holliman (4 / 5 Stars)
Great price quick delivery 17:18pm 01 Jan 2020

Great price quick delivery

Michelle (5 / 5 Stars)
Perfect 100 💯 buy from then... 17:02pm 15 Dec 2019

Perfect 100 💯 buy from then again

Ben. Coles (5 / 5 Stars)
Fitted in 20 minutes off an... 16:55pm 20 Oct 2019

Fitted in 20 minutes off and running no problems

Customer (5 / 5 Stars)
Fitted n works perfect 00:18am 10 Jul 2019

Fitted n works perfect

Jamie (5 / 5 Stars)
don't know how you could ma... 22:25pm 06 May 2019

don't know how you could make this for yhe money brill and thanks

Mr Martin Leyden (5 / 5 Stars)
Very good service abd very ... 19:11pm 20 Mar 2019

Very good service abd very quick delivery

Rafal Cichocki (5 / 5 Stars)
Very easy to install 18:15pm 06 Mar 2019

Very easy to install

Robert Macluskey (5 / 5 Stars)
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