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50cc Scooter Jieli Carburettor

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Compatible with many 50cc scooter models, this carburettor just requires an initial set-up and fine tuning.

Availability: 100
Code: CRB060
Brand: CMPO
EAN: 5057645025672
Brand: Jieli
Type: PD18J
Main Jet Size: 85

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Suitable For
Manufacturer Model Year Fitment
AJS Modena 50 [ZN50QT-27]
Alisze FX50 50 CDI [YY50QT-15(ALISZE)]
Jazy 50 CDI [YY50QT-21(ALISZE)]
Axory Rallox [JSD50QT-13(AXORY)]
Baotian Apollo 10 [BT49QT-9(A10)]
Apollo 12 [BT49QT-9(A12)]
Chase 49 [BT49QT-7]
Eagle 50 [BT49QT-9F3]
Eagle 50 GT [BT49QT-9F3(GT)]
Monza 50 [BT49QT-21A3]
Rebel 49 [BT49QT-12C1]
Rocky [BT49QT-12E1]
Scout 50
Tanco 50 2
Tommy 50 [BT49QT-11]
Beeline Veloce GT Race
Benero BT49QT-9
Benzhou YY50QT
Chituma CTM50QT-7
Direct Bikes 50cc Milan [DB50QT-30A]
50cc Ninja
50cc Ninja [DB50QT-15B]
50cc Retro
50cc Scorpion [DB50QT-32A]
50cc Sports
50cc Tommy [DB50QT-E]
50cc Viper
50cc Viper [DB50QT-32]
Flex Tech Cityliner 50 [BT50QT-9(FLEX TECH)]
Firenze 25/50 [YY50QT-21(FT)]
Hurrican X2 [JL50QT-4(FLEX TECH)]
Jive [BT49QT-11(FLEX TECH)]
Panter I [JL50QT-4(FT)]
Sprint 50 [BT49QT-9(FLEX TECH)]
Topdrive 50 [YY50QT-14(FT)]
VRR-50 [YY50QT-10C]
Venus II [HT50QT-6(FLEX TECH)]
Guoben Madness 50 [LB50QT-21]
Haizhimeng GP1 (4 Stroke)
Hanglong HL50QT-16
Haotian Bubble 50 [HT50QT-9]
Huatian HT50QT-10
Sport 50cc
IMF Industrie New Pach 51 [NEWPACH51]
Pach 51 [PACH51]
Two 4 [TWO4]
Jack Fox City Star [YY50QT(JF)]
Retro Cruiser [YY50QT-21(JF)]
Retro Star [YY50QT-15(JF)]
Jiajue MATADOR 50 [JJ50QT-17A]
Revenge [JJ50QT-3]
Revenge [JJ50QT-3(A)]
Jinlun JL50QT-5
Jonway Agility 50 [YY50QT-6]
Madness 50 [YY50QT-31]
Leike 50GY-2
Lexmoto Echo 50 [LJ50QT-3L] View parts diagram
FM 50 [WY50QT-111] View parts diagram
FMR 50 [WY50QT-58R]
Flash 50
Milano 50 [FT50QT-27] View parts diagram
Molly 50 [DFE50QT-3]
Scout 49 [BT49QT-9LEX] View parts diagram
Tommy 50
Tommy 50 [ZN50QT-E]
Tornado 50
Valencia 50 [ZN50QT-K] View parts diagram
Lifan Aero 50 (4T) [LF50QT-26]
Jet 50 [LF50QT-2A]
Lingben LB50QT-21
Lintex HT50QT-12
Longjia LJ50QT-3L
MKS Ecobike Panter I [BT50QT-9(MKS)]
Moto Zeta Rally 50 SC [RALLYSC]
Nova Motors City Star [YY50QT(NM)]
Retro Cruiser [YY50QT-21(NM)]
Retro Star [YY50QT-15(NM)]
Peugeot V-Clic [V-CLIC]
Pulse Force 50 [HT50QT-36]
Lightspeed 2 50 [WY50QT-58]
Lightspeed 50 [HT50QT-25]
Phantom 50 [ZN50QT-32A]
Rage 50 [LK50GY-2]
Rhythm 50 [SB50QT-16]
Scout 49 View parts diagram
Storm 50 [HT50QT-6]
Tanco 49
Tanco 50
Zoom 50 [HT50QT-7]
Qingqi QM50QT-6A
Razzo Tanco 50
Recto Retro
Rex RS450
Rhon Phantom [LH50QT-9]
Sanben Tornado 50 [SB50QT-16(B08)]
Scooter Devil Blue Dragon 50-4T [YB50QT-21(SD)]
Cruiser 50-4T [BQ50QT-40]
Mosquito 50-4T [YY50QT(SD)]
Warrior 50 [BQ50QT-21]
Sinnis Falcon 50 [QM50QT-2]
Skygo Top 1
Star Quad JL50QT-5
Sukida Lutetia [SK50QT-19]
Roma [SK50QT-9]
Top 1 [SK50QT]
Viper 50 [SK50QT-21]
Superbyke MPED 50
Tamoretti Retro 50
Viarelli Sprint
WK Bikes Bellissima 50 [HT50QT-12]
GO50 [JJ50QT-3(WK)]
Mii 50 [HT50QT-33(WK)]
WASP 50 [JJ50QT-17(WK)]
Wangye WY50QT-16
Xingyue Phoenix 50 [LLX50QT]
Yamati GP1 (4T) [HZM50QT-16 4T]
Yiben Hurricane 50 [YB50QT-9]
Scout 50 [YB50QT-3]
Storm 50 [YB50QT-6]
Zennco Matrix
Zing Bikes Echo 50cc [LF50QT-8D]
Zipp Triad
Znen Flash 50 [ZN50QT-15A]
Speedy Streetfighter
Tommy 50 [ZN50QT-A]


This product been given a rating of 9.3 out of 10 rating based on 39 reviews on

A great little carburettor ... 16:15pm 24 Aug 2020

A great little carburettor at a fantastic price!!!!

Mr Doug Reid (5 / 5 Stars)
Very good 23:01pm 27 Jun 2020

Very good

Dawid Dudek (5 / 5 Stars)
Easy to change and ran perf... 16:56pm 20 Jun 2020

Easy to change and ran perfect

Mark Austin (5 / 5 Stars)
Good overall does what it s... 19:27pm 28 Apr 2020

Good overall does what it says but rough condition

Imran Quinn (4 / 5 Stars)
Works as needed, good quali... 17:16pm 31 Mar 2020

Works as needed, good quality replacement

Harry Williamson (5 / 5 Stars)
I have been using CMPO for ... 18:56pm 02 Mar 2020

I have been using CMPO for 10 years and have found their products to be at a superb price and quality. Their service is also excellent being able to ship most products I need same day.

Richard (5 / 5 Stars)
Great value, carburettor wo... 17:44pm 29 Jan 2020

Great value, carburettor works great

Nigel Ayre (5 / 5 Stars)
Great product for a great p... 18:58pm 27 Jan 2020

Great product for a great price. Quality item

Mr Holliman (4 / 5 Stars)
Great price quick delivery 17:18pm 01 Jan 2020

Great price quick delivery

Michelle (5 / 5 Stars)
Perfect 100 💯 buy from then... 17:02pm 15 Dec 2019

Perfect 100 💯 buy from then again

Ben. Coles (5 / 5 Stars)
Fitted in 20 minutes off an... 16:55pm 20 Oct 2019

Fitted in 20 minutes off and running no problems

Customer (5 / 5 Stars)
Fitted n works perfect 00:18am 10 Jul 2019

Fitted n works perfect

Jamie (5 / 5 Stars)
don't know how you could ma... 22:25pm 06 May 2019

don't know how you could make this for yhe money brill and thanks

Mr Martin Leyden (5 / 5 Stars)
Very good service abd very ... 19:11pm 20 Mar 2019

Very good service abd very quick delivery

Rafal Cichocki (5 / 5 Stars)
Very easy to install 18:15pm 06 Mar 2019

Very easy to install

Robert Macluskey (5 / 5 Stars)
Worked without any problems... 23:19pm 23 Feb 2019

Worked without any problems right out of the box. Spot On

Trevor Hindle (5 / 5 Stars)
I am new to these machines ... 10:02am 25 Sep 2017

I am new to these machines and can only so Thank you for Great Service, Great Prices and excellent Quality Products. It took me less than 20 mins to fit this and I am away again. I will tell everyone to use CMPO.

David Fielding (5 / 5 Stars)
FANTASTIC, great quality, p... 14:48pm 24 Sep 2017

FANTASTIC, great quality, packaged really well, get delivered in couple of days 😁😁😁😁

Alison (5 / 5 Stars)
very good service product e... 21:41pm 13 Aug 2017

very good service product everything that i expected

Gary Clark (5 / 5 Stars)
very inexpensive replacemen... 17:48pm 24 Jul 2017

very inexpensive replacement for the original

Peter Lewis (4 / 5 Stars)
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