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Lextek Drive Belt 835-20-30


Please check your original belt size before ordering to be sure this matches what has been fitted.

Availability: 100
Code: DB064
Brand: Lextek
EAN: 5057645203186
Diameter: 835mm
Width: 20mm
Pitch: 30 degrees
Also known as: 835-20-30
Also: Lextek Drive Belt 20-30-835

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Suitable For
Manufacturer Model Year Fitment
AJS Exactly 125 [LJ125T-B(AJS)]
Baotian Evolution 125
Hawk 125 [BT125T-7]
Rebel 125 [BT125T-12]
Tanco 125 [BT125T-12F]
Benzhou YY125T-6
Direct Bikes 125cc Classic
125cc Cobra [DB125T-15D]
125cc Cruiser
125cc Cruiser [DB125T-7]
125cc Cruiser [DB125T-7H]
125cc Lynx [DB125T-10]
125cc Milan [DB125T-30A]
125cc Scorpion [DB125T-32A]
125cc Sports [DB125T-26]
125cc Spyder [DB125T-22]
125cc Viper
125cc Viper [DB125T-32]
Eurocka VIRTUALITY 125T [JJ125T-13(EUROCKA)]
Flex Tech Apollo 125 [APOLLO125]
Fun 125 [YY125T-6(FLEX TECH)]
KVR 125 [YY125T-11A]
Piacenza 125 [YY125T-31(FLEX TECH)]
Topspeed 125 [YY125T-11]
VRR-125 [YY125T-10C]
GRIP Freestyle 125cc
Haotian Cobra 125 [HT125T-4]
Huatian City 125cc
IMF Industrie Twist 125 [TWIST125]
Jack Fox Apollo 125 [APOLLO125(JACK FOX)]
Formula One [YY125T-6(JACK FOX)]
Jiajue Virtuality [JJ125T-13]
Jinlun 125cc Cruiser Scooter [JL125T-12A]
Hornet 125
Jonway Madness 125 [YY125T-31(MADNESS)]
Leike 125GY-2
Lexmoto Chieftain 125 [TD125T-15]
Dart 125 [WY125T-100]
Enigma 125 [ZS125T-48]
FMR 125 [WY125T-74R]
FMS 125 [ZN125T-7H]
FMX 125 EFI [WY125T-108-E4]
FMX 125 [WY125T-108]
Firenze 125
Gladiator 125
Matador 50 E4 [JJ50QT-17]
Matador 125 EFI [JJ125T-17]
Matador 125 EFI [ZS125T-40-E4]
Matador 125 [ZS125T-40]
Monza 125 [ZN125T-34]
Tornado 125
Vienna 125 [WY125T-121]
Zoom II 125
Lifan Aero 125 [LF125T-26]
Lintex HT125T-12
Longjia Alien 125 [LJ125T-A]
Raptor 125
Nipponia Dion 125 [DION125]
Pulse Lightspeed 2 125 [WY125T-74]
Lightspeed 125 [HT125T-25]
Phantom 125 [ZN125T-32A]
Rage 125 [LK125GY-2]
Strider 125 [SB125T-23A]
Vijo 125 [HT125T-9]
Qingqi Sum-Up
Razzo Tanco 125
Rex Imola 125 [IMOLA125]
Milano 125 [MILANO125]
Monaco 125 [MONACO125]
RS 125 [RS125]
Romet Retro 7 125 [RETRO7]
Sanben Gladiator 125 (06/07) [SB125T-23]
Tornado 125 (06/07) [SB125-B08]
Tornado 125 [SB125T-21(B08)]
Zoom 125 (06/07) [SB125-B09]
Zoom II 125 [SB125T-21(B10)]
Sinnis Eagle 125 [QM125T-10R]
Harrier 125 [ZN125T-22(SINNIS)]
Matrix II 125cc [QM125T-10H]
Shuttle 125 [ZN125T-7H(SINNIS)]
Skygo Commander
Sukida Alien 125 [SK125T-14]
Commander [SK125T-18]
Superbyke SMAX 125
WK Bikes Bellissima 125 [HT125T-12(WK)]
Wangye WY125-B08
Znen Firenze 125 [ZN125T-F]


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Thank you for the drive bel... 19:55pm 02 Jul 2018

Thank you for the drive belt for my direct bike 125 I’m glad to shop on this site as there isn’t much shops or online pages to buy parts Definitely recommended to cmpo. Thank again

John Thomas (5 / 5 Stars)
Fits well easy to replace a... 01:05am 08 Jun 2017

Fits well easy to replace and good price

Daffyd (5 / 5 Stars)
Got it next day can't complain 14:14pm 02 Jun 2017

Got it next day can't complain

John Warrington (5 / 5 Stars)
good quality and wonderful ... 20:35pm 22 Aug 2016

good quality and wonderful service as normal keep up the good work

Lynda Mc Naught (5 / 5 Stars)
Arrived on time and in good... 17:26pm 21 Aug 2016

Arrived on time and in good condition

Steven Biggs (5 / 5 Stars)
Appears to be of good quali... 21:05pm 25 Jul 2016

Appears to be of good quality and at a fantastic price . Postage and delivery was very quick , it came through the post the following day . It fits my scooter perfectly too .

Steven Donald (5 / 5 Stars)
Absolutely no problems with... 18:42pm 06 Jun 2016

Absolutely no problems with this transaction at all. Correct part send out, quick delivery and very good packaging. Would use again and highly recommend.

Lucy Parker (5 / 5 Stars)
good item at sensible price 17:44pm 06 Jun 2016

good item at sensible price

Andrew Clarke (5 / 5 Stars)
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