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125cc Scooter Variator Kit 152QMI 152QMI-A

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This high-quality variator Kit is ideal for a wide variety of 125cc Scooters, it comes with everything you should need including roller weights that should weigh around 12 grams, making this product a perfect replacement for worn standard parts.

Availability: 100
Code: VAR002
Brand: CMPO
EAN: 5057645008798

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Suitable For
Manufacturer Model Year Fitment
AJS Modena 125 [ZN125T-27]
Baotian BT125T-9
Evolution 125
Glow 125 [BT125T-2]
Hawk 125 [BT125T-7]
Rebel 125 [BT125T-12]
Tanco 125 [BT125T-12F]
Benzhou YY125T-6
Direct Bikes 125cc Classic
125cc Cobra
125cc Cobra E3 [DB125T-15D]
125cc Cruiser
125cc Cruiser E3 [DB125T-7]
125cc Cruiser E3 [DB125T-7H]
125cc Lynx E3 [DB125T-10]
125cc Milan E3 [DB125T-30A]
125cc Scorpion E3 [DB125T-32A]
125cc Sports E3 [DB125T-26]
125cc Spyder E3 [DB125T-22]
125cc Tommy E3
125cc Viper
125cc Viper E3 [DB125T-32]
Eurocka VIRTUALITY 125T [JJ125T-13(EUROCKA)]
Flex Tech Athena 125 [JJ125T-3(FLEX TECH)]
Firenze 125 [YY125T-19(FLEX TECH)]
Fun 125 [YY125T-6(FLEX TECH)]
KVR 125 [YY125T-11A]
Panter 125 [JL125T-13(FLEX TECH)]
Piacenza 125 [YY125T-31(FLEX TECH)]
Topspeed 125 [YY125T-11]
VRR-125 [YY125T-10C]
GRIP Freestyle 125cc
Giantco Athena 125 [JJ125T-3]
Haotian Cobra 125 [HT125T-4]
Huatian City 125cc
Sport 125cc
Jack Fox Formula One [YY125T-6(JACK FOX)]
Retro Cruiser [YY125T-19(JACK FOX)]
Jiajue Virtuality [JJ125T-13]
Jinlun 125cc Cobra Scooter [JL125T-6]
125cc Cruiser Scooter [JL125T-12A]
125cc Tommy Scooter E3
Hornet 125
Jonway Adventure 125 [YY125T-12]
Madness 125 [YY125T-31(MADNESS)]
Leike 125GY-2
Lexmoto Dart 125 [WY125T-100]
Enigma 125 [ZS125T-48] View parts diagram
FMR 125 EFI [WY125T-74R-E4] View parts diagram
FMR 125 [WY125T-74R] View parts diagram
FMS 125 [ZN125T-7H] View parts diagram
FMX 125 EFI [WY125T-108-E4] View parts diagram
FMX 125 [WY125T-108] View parts diagram
Firenze 125
Gladiator 125 View parts diagram
Matador 125 EFI [JJ125T-17] View parts diagram
Matador 125 EFI [ZS125T-40-E4] View parts diagram
Matador 125 [ZS125T-40] View parts diagram
Milano 125 EFI [FT125T-27-E4] View parts diagram
Milano 125 [FT125T-27] View parts diagram
Monza 125 [ZN125T-34] View parts diagram
Titan 125 Euro 5 [ZN125T-8F-E5] View parts diagram
Titan 125 [ZN125T-8F] View parts diagram
Tommy 125 E3
Tornado 125
Valencia 125 [ZN125T-K] View parts diagram
Valletta 125 [ZN125T-Y] View parts diagram
Verona 125 [WY125T-41] View parts diagram
Vienna 125 [WY125T-121] View parts diagram
Zoom II 125
Lifan Aero 125 [LF125T-26]
Retro [LF125T-9A]
Lintex HT125T-12
Nipponia Miro 125 [MIRO125]
Nova Motors Retro Cruiser [YY125T-19(NOVA MOTORS)]
Pulse Lightspeed 2 125 [WY125T-74]
Lightspeed 125 [HT125T-25]
Phantom 125 [ZN125T-32A]
Rage 125 [LK125GY-2]
Strider 125 [SB125T-23A]
Vijo 125 [HT125T-9]
Zoom 125 [HT125T-21]
Razzo Tanco 125
Rex Milano 125 [MILANO125]
Monaco 125 [MONACO125]
Romet RXL 125 [RXL125]
Sanben Gladiator 125 (06/07) [SB125T-23]
Tornado 125 (06/07) [SB125-B08]
Tornado 125 [SB125T-21(B08)]
Zoom 125 (06/07) [SB125-B09]
Zoom II 125 [SB125T-21(B10)]
Sinnis Harrier 125 [ZN125T-22(SINNIS)]
Harrier EFI [ZN125T-22E]
Shuttle 125 EFI [ZN125T-7S]
Shuttle 125 [ZN125T-7H(SINNIS)]
Spirit 125 [ZN125T-E-S]
Zen 125 EFI [ZN125T-F10]
Skygo Commander
Sukida Alien 125 [SK125T-14]
Commander [SK125T-18]
Sportman 2 [SK125T-21-SM]
Viper 125 [SK125T-21]
Superbyke SMAX 125
Tamoretti Retro 125 E3
Stealth 125
WK Bikes Bellissima 125 [HT125T-12(WK)]
Wangye WY125-B08
Xingyue Cobra 125 [LLX125T-11]
Yiben Gladiator 125 [YB125T-15(B)]
Hurricane 125 [YB125T-22]
Strider 125 [YB125T-15]
Striker 125 [YB125T-22D]
Zoom 125 [YB125T-22C]
Yiying Tommy 125 [YY125T-19]
Zing Bikes Beat 125cc
Znen Firenze 125 [ZN125T-F]
Tommy 125 E3 [ZN125T-E]
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This product been given a rating of 9.2 out of 10 rating based on 22 reviews on

Great price 16:47pm 03 Apr 2022

Great price

Customer (5 / 5 Stars)
Good proce all fitted 16:33pm 13 Feb 2022

Good proce all fitted

Robert Dolbien (5 / 5 Stars)
Great part fitting very eas... 22:08pm 07 Jul 2021

Great part fitting very easy great price

S Mclean (5 / 5 Stars)
Good value 07:27am 05 Jul 2021

Good value

Jack (5 / 5 Stars)
all the parts together work... 08:43am 04 Jun 2021

all the parts together workes out much better value.

Rich (5 / 5 Stars)
Great product and easy to fit 16:37pm 25 Apr 2021

Great product and easy to fit

Jamielee (5 / 5 Stars)
Excellent parts 16:36pm 07 Feb 2021

Excellent parts

Nigel Howe (5 / 5 Stars)
my variator kit came the ne... 16:55pm 03 Feb 2021

my variator kit came the next day and was easy to fit

Alan Petrie (5 / 5 Stars)
Does exactly what it says o... 16:49pm 02 Nov 2020

Does exactly what it says on the tin👍

Les (5 / 5 Stars)
Reasonable price 16:42pm 14 Sep 2020

Reasonable price

Rachel Jones (5 / 5 Stars)
Perfect in every way 17:11pm 27 Jun 2020

Perfect in every way

Nino Bayley (5 / 5 Stars)
Great product 16:43pm 31 May 2020

Great product

Mark Woodcock (5 / 5 Stars)
Good Quality and value for ... 13:44pm 05 May 2020

Good Quality and value for money.

Sharon Cocker (5 / 5 Stars)
Very good 17:46pm 15 Apr 2020

Very good

Matthew (4 / 5 Stars)
This is an excellent part a... 17:24pm 03 Mar 2020

This is an excellent part and great service

Steve (5 / 5 Stars)
Good quality,works well 09:13am 25 Feb 2020

Good quality,works well

BRYAN MORRIS (5 / 5 Stars)
Item isn't fitted at presen... 06:22am 27 Oct 2019

Item isn't fitted at present but from the few variators I've seen this is a real good quality metal one, and the price is good too opt for this item instead of a cheap replacement for less money as you will be replacing that one alot sooner, just wish I had bought this one before hand.

Angela (5 / 5 Stars)
Exact replacement, does wha... 20:26pm 02 Aug 2019

Exact replacement, does what it said on the tin and great value for money

Sean Burridge (5 / 5 Stars)
Every thing needed to do th... 09:15am 28 Jun 2019

Every thing needed to do the job.

Andy Kay. (5 / 5 Stars)
A good quality product good... 23:24pm 11 Mar 2018

A good quality product good fit easy to install

Phil (5 / 5 Stars)
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