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Varta 508 012 008


Comes complete with acid pack and installation instructions.

Conventional lead/acid and Self-sealed maintenance-free batteries are delivered 70 percent dry charged. After filling with the correct battery acid we recommend that you fully charge the battery before installation.

The 'Y', 'C' or 'G' denotes the motorcycle battery manufacturer & can be substituted for another letter depending on the make of battery, for example: YTX9-BS, CTX9-BS, GTX9-BS are all the same battery.

Suitable for the following models:

  • ATK K/Start Models [1991-1995]
  • Benelli Velvet 125 [1999-2008]
  • Beta Eikon 50 [2003]
  • Beta Eikon 125 [2003]
  • Beta Eikon 150 [2000-2003]
  • CCM 600 E/Start Models [1996-2001]
  • Cagiva Raptor 600 [2000-2007]
  • Cagiva Raptor 650 ie [2005-2007]
  • E-Ton R4-150 Beamer [2000-2010]
  • E-Ton R4-150 Matrix [2000-2010]
  • Honda BROS 400 NC25 [1988-1990]
  • Honda BROS 650 RC31 [1988-1990]
  • Honda CB1 NC27 [1989-1993]
  • Honda CB400 [1989-1990]
  • Honda CB400 [1992-1997]
  • Honda CB500 [1993-2003]
  • Honda CBR250 [1986-1994]
  • Honda CBR400 [1986-1988]
  • Honda CBR400RR [1988-1989]
  • Honda CBR600F [1987-2000]
  • Honda CBR600F [2003-2004]
  • Honda CBR900RR [1992-1999]
  • Honda CH150 Elite [1987]
  • Honda FES125 [1998-2000]
  • Honda FMX 650 [2005-2008]
  • Honda FX650 [2000-2003]
  • Honda NT400 [1988-1993]
  • Honda NT650V [1988-1991]
  • Honda NT650V [1993-1999]
  • Honda NTV600 [1988-1992]
  • Honda NV400 NC26 [1994]
  • Honda NV600 PC21 [1988]
  • Honda NX650 Dominator [1988-2003]
  • Honda RVF750 [1994-1999]
  • Honda SLR650 [1997-1999]
  • Honda TLR200 [1986]
  • Honda TR200 Fat Cat [1986]
  • Honda TRX125 [1987-1988]
  • Honda TRX250 Fourtrax [2001]
  • Honda TRX300 [1993-2008]
  • Honda TRX400 F [1999-2008]
  • Honda VFR700 [1986]
  • Honda VFR750F [1988-1992]
  • Honda VT600C [1988-2003]
  • Honda XR650 [1993-2010]
  • Husaberg Enforcer Four 400 [1999]
  • Husaberg Enforcer Four 501 [1999]
  • Husaberg Enforcer Four 600 [1999]
  • Husaberg FC550 [2000-2003]
  • Husaberg FE400 E [2000-2003]
  • Husaberg FE501 [2000-2003]
  • Husaberg FE650 C [2000-2008]
  • Husaberg FS400 [2000-2003]
  • Husaberg FS650 [2000-2004]
  • Hyosung GV125 Aquila [2001-2004]
  • Hyosung GV250 Aquila [2009-2013]
  • Hyosung MS3 250 [2009-2010]
  • Hyosung NS3-250 [2009-2013]
  • KTM 200 Duke [2013-2015]
  • KTM 400 EXC [1996-2001]
  • KTM 620 ADVENTURE [1996-1998]
  • KTM 640 ADVENTURE-R [1999-2002]
  • KTM 640 LC4 Duke II [2000-2002]
  • KTM 640 Supermoto [1999-2002]
  • Kawasaki KLX650 [1993-1997]
  • Kawasaki KZ750 [1993]
  • Kawasaki Z250 [2009-2012]
  • Kawasaki Z300 [2013-2014]
  • Kawasaki Z750 [2007]
  • Kawasaki Z1000 [2003-2013]
  • Kawasaki ZR750 [2005-2006]
  • Kawasaki ZX7 [1991-1999]
  • Kawasaki ZX7 [2002-2004]
  • Kawasaki ZX10 [2011-2013]
  • Kawasaki ZX600 [1998-2014]
  • Kawasaki ZX900 [1998-1999]
  • Kawasaki ZX900 [2002-2004]
  • Kawasaki ZXR400 [1991-2003]
  • Kawasaki ZXR750 [1991-1995]
  • Kawasaki ZZR600 [2005-2008]
  • Kymco Ego 125 [2000-2005]
  • Kymco Heroism 125 [1998-2000]
  • Kymco Heroism 150 [1998-1999]
  • Kymco Spacer 125 [1999-2003]
  • Kymco Venox 250 [2009-2010]
  • Kymco Vivio 125 [2000-2002]
  • Suzuki AN 250 [2001-2002]
  • Suzuki AN 400 [1999-2002]
  • Suzuki AN 400 [2007-2008]
  • Suzuki DR 650 [1996-2014]
  • Suzuki GSF 400 [1991-1995]
  • Suzuki GSF 400 [2001-2003]
  • Suzuki GSF 600 [1995-2009]
  • Suzuki GSF 650 [2005-2008]
  • Suzuki GSR 600 [2006-2009]
  • Suzuki GSX 400 [1990-1996]
  • Suzuki GSX 600 [1998-2006]
  • Suzuki GSX 650 [2008-2009]
  • Suzuki GSX 750 [1998-2006]
  • Suzuki GSXR 600 [1996-2014]
  • Suzuki GSXR 750 [1994-1999]
  • Suzuki GW 250 [2013-2014]
  • Suzuki LT-Z250 [2004-2005]
  • Suzuki LT-Z400 [2003-2008]
  • Suzuki RF400 [1993-1997]
  • Suzuki RF 600 [1993-1998]
  • Suzuki RF 900 [1994-1999]
  • Suzuki UH 125 [2002-2008]
  • Suzuki UH 200 [2008]
  • Suzuki XF 650 [1997-2002]
  • Sym HD125 [2010-2011]
  • Sym HD200 [2010-2013]
  • Sym Shark 125 [1999-2002]
  • Sym Shark 125 R [1999-2004]
  • Triumph Daytona 600 [2003-2005]
  • Triumph Daytona 650 [2003-2005]
  • Triumph SPEED FOUR [2003-2005]
  • Triumph STREET TRIPLE [2009-2015]
  • Yamaha FZR 400 RR [1990-1995]
  • Yamaha FZR 400 RR SP [1990-1994]
  • Yamaha FZR 750 [1989-1992]
  • Yamaha SZR660 [1996-1998]
  • Yamaha XJ 600 N [1994-2003]
  • Yamaha XJ 600 S DIVERSION [1992-2004]
  • Yamaha XJR400 [1992-1999]
  • Yamaha XN125 Teos [2000-2003]
  • Yamaha XT 500 [1993]
  • Yamaha XT 600 [1990-2003]
  • Yamaha XT 660 Z TENERE [1991-1998]
  • Yamaha YP 125 [2007-2008]
  • Yamaha YP 250 [2006]
  • Yamaha YZF R7 [2000-2001]
01:56am 18 Aug 2016

I searched e bay for a battery for my ZXR and found this one which was described well and a very reasonable price. I ordered at 2.30pm on the Friday and it arrived at 11.30am Saturday ( next day ) Battery filled with the acid pack supplied with the battery. Put on optimate charger after 4 hours and was fully charged 5 hours later. On the bike and works great. Excellent product, well described, great value and superb delivery. Would buy again without doubt and reccommend. Well done.

13:30pm 07 Aug 2016

Great value for money,very happy with my purchase

  • 12v
  • YTX9-BS
  • Sealed maintenance-free battery
  • 8Ah
  • 120EN
  • 1 Amp
  • 3.0kg
  • Left: + Right: - (With the terminals on the edge nearest to you)
  • 152mm
  • 88mm
  • 106mm
  • 8AH


LEXTEK, MOTORCYCLE, BATTERY, YTX9-B, (152X88X106MM, LXWXH), YTX9-BS, 152, X, 88, 106, MM, CT9-BS, FTX9-BS, CTX9-BS, GTX9-BS, YT12A-BS, GT9-BS, ETX9-BS, KTX9-BS, 6E9, ATH9-12B, B9-12B, VARTA, 508, 012, 008, 12V, 8AH, 12, V, VOBENELLI, VELVET, 125, SCOOTER, BETA, EIKON, 150, CAGIVA, RAPTOR, 600, 650, IE, HONDA, BROS, 400, NC25, RC31, CB400, CB500, 500, CB1, NC27, CBR250, 250, CBR400, CBR600F, CBR900RR, 900, FES125, FMX, FX650, NT650V, NTV600, NV400, NC26, NV600, PC21, NX650, DOMINATOR, RVF750, 750, SLR650, TRX125, QUAD, TRX250, FOURTRAX, TRX300, 300, TRX400, F, VFR700, 700, VFR750F, VT600C, HUSABERG, ENFORCER, FOUR, 501, FE650, C, KAWASAKI, KLX650, Z750, ZX600, 636, ZX7, ZX900, ZXR400, ZXR750, KYMCO, EGO, HEROISM, SPACER, VIVIO, SUZUKI, AN, GSF, GSR, GSX, GSXR, LT-Z400, RF400, RF, UH, 200, XF, SYM, SHARK, R, YAMAHA, FZR, RR, SP, SZR660, 660, XJ, N, S, DIVERSION, XJR400, XN125, TEOS, XT, Z, TENERE, YP, YZF, R7, Z1000, 1000, CALYPSO, APRILIA, HABANA, LEONARDO, ATK, K/START, MODELS, 50, EURO, 350, JONATHAN, CCM, E/START, DERBI, ATLANTIS, 100, E-TON, R4-150, BEAMER, MATRIX, CB600, HORNET, CBR400RR, CBR500F, CH125, SPACY, CH150, ELITE, CHA125, T, NX500, NT400, TR200, FAT, CAT, TLR200, VF750C, 583, XR650, HYOSUNG, GV250, AQUILA, MS3, GV125, BJ250, ESTRELLA, KSF400, KZ750, Z250, ZR400, XANTHUS, ZR750, ZRX1100, 1100, ZX400, ZZR600, KTM, EXC, 620, ADVENTURE, VENOX, MOVIE, DINK, LX, CLASSIC, MBK, KILIBRE, POLARIS, PREDATOR, DR, GS400, LT-Z250, TRIUMPH, STREET, TRIPLE, VP125, X-CITY, VESPA, ET4, ZING, CROSS, BET, &, WIN, FC550, 550, FE400, E, FE501, FS400, FS650, ZX10, Z300, 640, ADVENTURE-R, SUPERMOTO, LC4, DUKE, II, GW, DAYTONA, SPEED, NS3-250, HD200, HD125, CT9-B, FTX9-B, CTX9-B, GTX9-B, YT12A-B, GT9-B, ETX9-B, KTX9-B, BRO, , TEO, MODEL, ATLANTI, XANTHU, POLARI, CROS,
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