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Mudguard Fixing Washer for ZS125-40

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This washer is used, along with the screw, to fix the front mudguard to the ZS125T-17 Lexmoto Matador

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Code: WSH25
Brand: CMPO
EAN: 5057645150909

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Suitable For
Manufacturer Model Year Fitment
Alisze FX50 50 CDI [YY50QT-15(ALISZE)]
Jazy 50 CDI [YY50QT-21(ALISZE)]
Axory Rallox [JSD50QT-13(AXORY)]
Baotian Apollo 10 [BT49QT-9(A10)]
Apollo 12 [BT49QT-9(A12)]
Eagle 50 [BT49QT-9F3]
Eagle 50 GT [BT49QT-9F3(GT)]
Scout 50
Benero BT49QT-9
Benzhou YY50QT
Eurocka MATADOR 50 4T LED [JJ50QT-17(EUROCKA)]
Flex Tech Cityliner 50 [BT50QT-9(FLEX TECH)]
Firenze 25/50 [YY50QT-21(FT)]
Hurrican X2 [JL50QT-4(FLEX TECH)]
Jive [BT49QT-11(FLEX TECH)]
Panter I [JL50QT-4(FT)]
Sprint 50 [BT49QT-9(FLEX TECH)]
Topdrive 50 [YY50QT-14(FT)]
VRR-50 [YY50QT-10C]
Venus II [HT50QT-6(FLEX TECH)]
Hanglong HL50QT-16
IMF Industrie New Pach 51 [NEWPACH51]
Pach 51 [PACH51]
Two 4 [TWO4]
Jack Fox City Star [YY50QT(JF)]
Retro Cruiser [YY50QT-21(JF)]
Retro Star [YY50QT-15(JF)]
Jiajue MATADOR 50 [JJ50QT-17A]
Revenge [JJ50QT-3]
Revenge [JJ50QT-3(A)]
Jonway Madness 50 [YY50QT-31]
Lexmoto Echo 50 [LJ50QT-3L] View parts diagram
Enigma 125 [ZS125T-48] View parts diagram
Matador 125 EFI [ZS125T-40-E4] View parts diagram
Matador 125 [ZS125T-40] View parts diagram
Scout 49 [BT49QT-9LEX] View parts diagram
Lifan Aero 50 (4T) [LF50QT-26]
Lintex HT50QT-12
Longjia LJ50QT-3L
MKS Ecobike Panter I [BT50QT-9(MKS)]
Nova Motors City Star [YY50QT(NM)]
Retro Cruiser [YY50QT-21(NM)]
Retro Star [YY50QT-15(NM)]
Pulse Scout 49 View parts diagram
Rex RS450
Scooter Devil Blue Dragon 50-4T [YB50QT-21(SD)]
Cruiser 50-4T [BQ50QT-40]
Mosquito 50-4T [YY50QT(SD)]
Warrior 50 [BQ50QT-21]
Star Quad JL50QT-5
Superbyke MPED 50
WK Bikes Bellissima 50 [HT50QT-12]
GO50 [JJ50QT-3(WK)]
Mii 50 [HT50QT-33(WK)]
WASP 50 [JJ50QT-17(WK)]
Yiben YB50QT-21
Zing Bikes Echo 50cc [LF50QT-8D]
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