XCP Rust Blocker Aerosol 400ml
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XCP Rust Blocker Aerosol 400ml

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Long lasting, versatile soft corrosion protection compound. Beats other well known products when it comes to corrosion protection (salt fog testing: Test Method ASTM B117). It’s also great for cavity protection. Due to its flow properties, it creeps into seams, nooks and crannies, laying down a soft film and protecting those parts where corrosion often first takes hold!

XCP Rust Blocker is designed for use on metal parts and surfaces. Treat the relevant area with a uniform coating by spraying, brushing, wiping or dipping. Wipe off excess liquid. In the case of wanting to keep shiny surfaces shiny, the product can be buffed down. Don’t worry, a protective film will still be there! Allow the product to dry to a soft film. Drying time will vary depending on the thickness of coating applied and environmental conditions. Repeat as necessary. Repeat application may be required after cleaning or significant abrasion of the treated area. Make sure you DO NOT apply to brakes!

Maximum Protection

Clear Flexible Film

Easy Application